27th April 2016

Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award goes to Farnham based Architectural Design firm founder

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27th April 2016

Lewis Visuals – we rock ! Come lean on us… 

In tight competition with entrepreneurs from Europe and the Middle East, Farnham Architectural Designer and founder Genevieve Wells won Top Award at Business Excellence Forum.

Hamish Robertson, Genevieve Wells and Brad Sugar.

Hamish Robertson, Genevieve Wells and Brad Sugars.

This year’s Actioncoach Business Excellence Forum was held on April 20 – 22, 2016, at Celtic Manor in Wales.

The BEF is a two-day event hosted by Actioncoach, showcasing the best practices and successes of SMEs in Europe and the Middle East.  This year’s event saw keynote speeches from Frank Dick, former Director of Coaching for the British Athletics Federation, and Sir Terry Matthews, Wales’ first billionaire and builder of the Celtic Manor Resort.

Speaking about her award, Genevieve said ”I hope this award will inspire other women business owners and I would like to use it to educate young people in local schools to seek a career in business”.

Genevieve runs Lewis Visuals Ltd., situated in The Potteries, Farnham. Services include design, surveys, drawings, planning and building control submissions of major extensions and refurbishments to large properties; the modest single storey extension; enlarging a kitchen or creating an ‘open living’ environment.

Genevieve Wells with her coach Mr Hamish Robertson.

Genevieve Wells with her coach Mr Hamish Robertson.

Working with her coach Hamish Robertson from Actioncoach, Genevieve has implemented ‘sales and marketing systems’ into her business that has helped the company grow by 224% over the last 19 months.

Business Excellence Forum:  BEF is an exclusive 2-day event packed with top business professionals sharing the highest level of business training.  BEF website

ActionCOACH:  Actioncoach is the world’s largest business coaching firm, and was established and founded in Brisbane, Australia by Brad Sugars in 1993.  Actioncoach specialises in coaching small to medium sized businesses as well as executives, and their teams, through proven business processes and systems to add value, satisfaction and income. Actioncoach website

Back home at the Workshop, Genevieve celebrated at The Pottery Cafe with her team. “I could not get this award without you guys”. 

The future is looking bright – April is fully booked, May is filling up and exciting new developments ahead. Got to keep the flow going – we also follow our heart, head and bank balance.

As part of our business growth plan we’re looking to expand our construction drawing services and developer clientele.

The competition is on and with micro businesses – such as Lewis Visuals and its entrepreneurs – the Construction industry, together with Manufacturing and Services, will be top growth contributors to the UK economy in 2016. Lewis Visuals plans to take a bite of that, with a cup of tea at The Pottery Cafe!



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